Disney augments coloring books

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There were no doubts about the fact that Disney understood the potentialities of augmented reality: here on Experenti’s blog we talked already about their new projects related to this technology, e.g. the collaboration with Hasbro for the development of the line of toy accessories Playmation and the creation of Star Wars official app.

Now Disney returns to the children world with a project that will be very appreciated also from moms and dads; ask yourself which is one of the most loved activity by your children and you’ll be close enough to what we are talking about: say goodbye to felt tips stains on their clothes or drawings on the walls, because the revolution of coloring books is near!

Disney’s project has been presented on 29th September at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality by the Research & Development team stationed in Zurich; it doesn’t have a name yet, but it was possible to see it in action…and it was awesome!

Thanks to a software based on Unity game engine and to the mobile app available for iOS and Android, looking through a tablet or smartphone display, it will be possible to see our character come to life while we color it, with the hues we choose. Pretty a revolution in the world of children’s creativity, isn’t it? Also a way to give a good use to the mobile devices that every day are used more even from the youngest ones.

This isn’t the first project that tries to merge augmented reality and coloring books: earlier there has been the experience of Color Alive series, a collaboration between Crayola and the AR developers DAQRI; however this project was different, since it was possible to augment the drawing once it was finished, not while coloring it.