Train to be a Jedi through augmented reality with Star Wars’ new official app!

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It’s “your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away”: these are Disney’s words for presenting the new official Star Wars app, released just few days ago.

Freely available for Android and iOS, the new application will fill all the famous sci-fi saga’s fans wih marvel: did you always dream of inserting Darth Vader’s quotes in the middle of your conversations, or perhaps to learn how to fight with lightsabers, or, even more, to take a space-themed selfie? You will find all these in the new Disney app, and also a countdown to the release of the movie and all the news and videos about it.

But why this is interesting also for this blog? Easy: to give the users an unforgettable experience, part of the app uses augmented reality!

In fact the most exciting and engaging feature, the minigame “Force trainer”, provides the possibility of training with the typical Star Wars lightsabers: you will be able to train as a Jedi simply using your smartphone as a sword until you are a true pro!

Still talking about augmented reality, another feature of the app makes possible to unblock 3D characters from the movie: their figures could be projected in the real world, helping the users to immerse completely in the saga atmosphere.

All this, of course, doesn’t miss a social part: through the app it’s possible to create a personal profile and to become part of the growing community.

It seems the news is not stopping there: Disney ends its presentation with the sentence “Always in motion is the future. This app will continue to grow, evolve, and become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”.

This makes us hope that in the future there will be expansions of the app: let’s wait and…may the Force be with you! 😉