Microsoft HoloLens and the augmented future of Super Bowl

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Just two days ago took place one of the most important and awaited annual events in the United States: all America gathered in front of the TV to watch the traditional Super Bowl.

Super Bowl means sport fans with their eyes on the TV, and, as a consequence, small and big brands racing to have a place in the advertising broadcasted during the event to be noticed.
Microsoft, being also one of NFL (National Football League) sponsors, found a truly original way to be part of the awareness race: the company left the Americans speechless with a video showing Super Bowl as never seen before, with the promise of making this a reality soon.

Imagine to get ready like you are about to see the event live: you dress up with your team’s colors, you wait for your friends to meet at your house…and then you can just sit comfortably on your living room’s sofa, watching Super Bowl as it was anyway in front of your eyes. This is what the designers at Microsoft imagined it could happen if using HoloLens technology and augmented reality, and they released a video about it:

In the movie they show some examples of the application of augmented reality to the Super Bowl night: in addition to a wider TV screen, there are holograms of the players, and the viewers can watch replays on their table or 3D live recreations of the match’s data.

As we already know, HoloLens technology isn’t yet available to the public, but soon it will become part of our daily life. Saying it with the words of Brian Rolapp, the executive vice president of media for the NFL: “This stuff is coming; it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when”.