Experenti and San Benedetto together to augment water bottles packaging

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As you probably already know, Experenti is a company working with Augmented Reality and Experiential Marketing; this means that we help our clients to make their promotional strategies unforgettable, giving to the user not only the essential information about the product or the service, but also gifting him a true experience through Augmented Reality.

We already recommended to you our Press Kit, which you can download and then use to try our app (free and available for Android and iOS) and get an idea of our work; nonetheless, today we add a new project that we just ended: it’s the work that Experenti made for the famous company San Benedetto.

Our intervention was in range of the promotion of Aquavitamin, non-alcoholic drinks with high content of vitamins in San Benedetto water, and consisted in the creation of a mobile app and of the relative Augmented Reality tags for the product. Aquavitamin’s advertising has been printed on the plastic of water bottles’ package and, once you download and start the Aquavitamin app, you just have to focus it and enjoy your advert experience: all the colored little bottles will appear in front of us through the smartphone’s screen and you will be able to go along and choose the one you want to know more about.

Working with us, San Benedetto found a highly engaging modality of promotion for their Aquavitamin, and also a way of giving all the information about it: colored images and videos will be available on the mobile devices of every San Benedetto customer.

You want to know something more? Watch our explanatory video: